Church renovation and repair works

G J Banks (IW) Ltd Specialise in Church restoration and repairs working on Churches that are listed up to Grade 1* status.

We work on large restoration projects primarily funded by English Heritage on the Isle of Wight and in Southern England and are renowned for our highly skilled workforce. We also undertake minor repair works to Churches to assist with maintenance of the buildings.

Our repairs to the Churches encompass the whole range of repairs needed to repair and maintain churches. These include:-

  • Roofing, rainwater goods and leadwork
  • Stonework repairs and carving
  • Conservation repairs including mortar repairs and lime re-pointing
  • Historic lime plaster repairs
  • Decorations including limewash
  • Repairs and renewal of leaded light windows
  • Repairs and renewal of ironwork
  • Repairs to steeples and towers
  • Structural Repairs
  • Timber Repairs

A gallery of some recent projects